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I am retiring on
Saturday August 27, 2022.
Thanks to everyone who has made my 24 years of practicing acupuncture a great experience.

Feel Better. Enjoy Life. Naturally.

Pain, illness, and emotional discomfort may be signs that your body and lifestyle are out of balance and need support. They also provide you with opportunities to address imbalances, improve your health, and increase your enjoyment of life.

Acupuncture can help you do this.

Acupuncture uses gentle, effective methods to address a broad range of health concerns. It provides dynamic relief to the body and calming support for the emotions and spirit, so you can experience less pain and more freedom in your life.

People may choose acupuncture for different reasons. Most want relief from acute or chronic health problems. Many have resigned themselves to coping with these issues, but continue to live with pain, illness, and fatigue. They may want a treatment approach that complements the care they're receiving from their physician and Western medical providers. Sometimes, they prefer to treat their conditions with something other than drugs or surgery.

In all these instances, Acupuncture offers effective ways to treat illness and discomfort, and achieve better health.

I specialize in the treatment of pain, injuries, and orthopedic disorders. I also treat a variety of other health issues. I have a passion for helping people get back to doing the things they love. Life is better when you're able to run, walk, bike, hike, climb, ski, garden, and play music comfortably. When you can sleep well, eat comfortably, breathe easily, feel more relaxed, stay calm, remain focused, think clearly, and feel pain-free.  

My office is conveniently located in the heart of Northeast Portland, three blocks north of East Burnside in the Kerns Neighborhood. I see patients one at a time, allowing me to provide a focused and personal approach for patients. Treatments address specific health issues while providing a restful break from the stress of every day life.

If you're curious about Acupuncture and how it can help you, contact me at 503-484-3513 or by email at

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Welcome - Rick DeTroye L.Ac. LLC in Northeast Portland, OR 

Please Note:
As of Sunday, May 8, 2022 I am no longer accepting new patients.

Rick DeTroye L.Ac. LLC
200 NE 20th Avenue, Suite 220
Portland, OR 97232


"Belated thank you for your most excellent care and treatment this year. I have been virtually pain free since I last saw you and attribute it to your skill and knowledge."
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