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Spring Is A Great Time For A Tune-up

by Rick DeTroye, LAc, MAcOM

Spring Is A Great Time For A Tune-up, Rick DeTroye L.Ac. LLC in Northeast Portland, OR

Spring is nearly here and that means it's a good time to schedule a seasonal acupuncture tune-up. Spring Equinox for 2015 falls on Friday, March 20 and it's also New Moon on that day, which could make for a doubly powerful seasonal shift!

Changes of season can be turbulent times. We see this in the weather that accompanies them: Windy, stormy and quickly changing weather patterns which are often accompanied by dramatic variations in temperature (for instance, 32 degree nights and 60 degree days). Keep in mind that factors which stir things up in the natural world can have a similar effect on our bodies. During seasonal change, it's not unusual to experience fluctuations in mood, difficulty sleeping and increased pain levels. We may also find ourselves more susceptible to getting sick and feeling more irritable or agitated. Having a tune-up treatment or two in the weeks preceding a seasonal change can ease the body through this turbulence, helping to smooth out these "bumps" that might otherwise occur.

Spring is also known for its pesky, and sometimes debilitating, allergies. From February to July, depending on specific sensitivities, many of us are struck with runny noses, sneezing, itchy and burning eyes, and fatigue. As beautiful as those spring flowers are, the season can have its drawbacks. Boosting the immune system and strengthening the body's ability to handle spring allergens are two things which acupuncture and Chinese herbs do very well. The best time to begin treatment for allergies is before they hit and for most of us who suffer from allergies, that means NOW!

So, call or email me today to set up your seasonal tune-up. We can discuss your specific needs and concerns, and get you prepared for a great Spring 2015!