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The Post-Election Decompression Blues

by Rick DeTroye, LAc, MAcOM

Rick DeTroye LAc LLC acupuncture northeast southeast portland oregon

It's an understatement to say this was a tough election season, no matter which side of the aisle you sat on. Emotions right now run from angry to depressed to anxious to fearful to relieved to elated, depending on what party you belong to and who you voted for. Since Election Day, people have experienced sleepless nights, excessive stress, and exhaustion. Not a good combination with cold and flu season upon us.

What patients feel, I often feel. This week has been no different. It's been difficult to focus and I've experienced a flurry of emotions. It's been easy to feel stirred up and I don't particularly like feeling stirred up!

Fortunately, I have tools to deal with this. I meditate, do Qigong, walk, play guitar, and spend time in the woods. I've done all of these this week and it's helped me weather the storm of emotions both on the inside and outside. My wife and I had Thursday off, so we walked and birded at a wildlife refuge along the Columbia River. I can't tell you how much more calm, energized, and centered I felt afterwards.

I encourage you to do the things that bring you the greatest good this week. Stay away from the television, get off Facebook, don't read the newspaper, minimize heated conversations. Strong emotions will probably still be there, but finding stillness in the midst of this storm will be most important and very helpful.

I know all of you have experienced the calming action of acupuncture and now is an opportune time for a treatment. I'd say our nervous systems have been jacked up and need a little calming, wouldn't you? A few pins can help you do that. It will also boost the immune system which gets so run down with stress.

Whatever you choose to do, do something that restores you. Be kind to yourself and others. Treat yourself gently.