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Fall Equinox & Full Moon Greetings 2018

by Rick DeTroye, LAc, MAcOM

Fall Equinox & Full Moon Greetings 2018, Rick DeTroye L.Ac. LLC in Northeast Portland, OR

William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuge   Corvallis, OR  September 11, 2018

Happy Fall to Everyone!  As Summer 2018's parching heat rides into the sunset, most of us relish the loveliness of the cooler autumn days and nights. I know, rain is just around the corner, but fall days like we've been having are just exquisite, even with a shower now and then.  One thing I've learned living in the Pacific Northwest is you have to ride the wave of good, or mostly good, weather when you have it!

Just out of curiosity, I looked up the origins of the words Autumn and Fall, those used most often to name our current season.  I was surprised to discover it wasn't until the 16th century that people began using these names and the first people to use them were mainly city dwellers.  Prior to that, the season had been known as Harvest, a name with origins more deeply rooted in agriculture and rural life, in Earth and her cycles.

For me, Harvest suggests the fruition of a cycle, a slowing down to look at the work that was done, a celebration of those efforts, and the starting point of new plans for the next year's cycle.  All of this fits professionally and personally for me right now.  This year I'm celebrating 20 years in practice, a milestone for me.  The time passed so quickly! I also completed 6 years and 356 hours of training in Kiiko Matusumoto Style acupuncture, the approach I use with most everyone I treat.  It's been an adventure learning Kiiko's method and a journey I'm thankful for each day I practice acupuncture.  Lastly, in October I'll turn 60, another marker which some of you have passed and others look forward to.  It's a big year for me!

Along with reaching these milestones, I've also been working on some professional changes to help me provide better service to you, bring more enjoyment to my practice, and make things simpler for all of us.  Some of these I'll institute later, but here are the ones I've put in place so far... 

Online Scheduling
Technologically, and I'm sure in many other ways, I'm a late adopter. Eventually, I get up to speed, but it usually takes me a while. That said, I now have online appointment booking capability for patients. No more emailing back and forth or playing phone tag, though you're still welcome to use either of these!  For online booking, just go to my website,, and look for the red Make An Appointment button on the right side of the page.  Clicking on this button will take you directly to my online booking system.  Be sure to enter your cell phone number and email when you're asked, so you receive confirmation of your appointment, as well as a reminder the day before you're scheduled. Cancellations and appointment changes can also be made through this system.  If you have any problems with the new scheduler, please let me know.

Chinese Herbs
After 20 years, I'm stepping back from the practice of Chinese herbal medicine to focus on what I really love: Acupuncture.  I'll be closing my herbal dispensary with the exception of a few common herbal products, supplements, tinctures, and compresses.  For those patients who are currently using herbs, I'll still provide you with herbal services, but will have you pick up herbs from another dispensary nearby.  The cost of keeping an herbal pharmacy has been high.  This move will help me reduce operating expenses, while minimizing inconvenience for you.

No Show and Late Cancellation Policy
I like working with patients one on one rather than dividing my time between treatment rooms.  It allows me to work intensively and with focus on your health issues, and to spend a little time getting to know you, which is one of the things I really enjoy about my practice.  From the feedback I've received, many of you appreciate this, too.  That said, running a practice in this way means appointment times are exclusively for each patient and I depend on the fee for that service to keep my business running.  If someone cancels less than 24 hours before or doesn't show, I usually have no way of filling the appointment and lose that income as a result. My policy has always been to charge a fee for late cancellations and no shows.  This is true of most medical offices, hair dressers, and even restaurants now!  I have, however, adjusted the fee to $50.00, down from $75.00.  Hopefully, the online reminder system with it's automatic reminders will help reduce these situations

Treatment Charges
As of January 1, 2019, my fee for patients who pay in full at the time of service will increase to $135.00 for new patient intakes and $85.00 for follow up treatments.

Out of the Office
I'll be out of the office twice this Fall: October 11-22 and November 18-26(week of Thanksgiving).  If you're in need of treatment during either of those times, I'll have names of practitioners available who you can see while I'm gone.

A Reminder to Use Remaining Year-end Insurance Benefits
Many people end the year with remaining money in their insurance benefits for acupuncture.  This is a great time to address lingering aches and pains, sleeplessness, holiday stress, seasonal mood changes...anything that plagues you, really!  And because cold and flu season is just around the corner, it's a great time to dedicate a few sessions to boosting your immunity.  It also provides you with the chance to work on more difficult issues which require a longer treatment period without risking running out of treatments.  You can do this by using 2018 benefits before year's end and dovetailing those in with your new 2019 benefits at the start of the new year!

Welcome.  Welcome Back.  And, Thank You.
Lastly, I want to welcome new patients to my practice, invite those who haven't been in for a while to treat themselves to a tune-up or two, and to thank current patients for their ongoing trust and support.  I'm lucky to work with so many great people and to do something of such great value to benefit them.  I appreciate all that you bring to my practice.  Have a wonderful Fall...

Best to you,

P.S.  The photo is from William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuge near Corvallis, OR.  It's a gorgeous spot.  It took me forever to get there and now I wonder why?!