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Conditions Treated - Rick DeTroye L.Ac. LLC in Northeast Portland, OR

Conditions Treated

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine take a different approach to diagnosis and treatment than Western Medicine. The strength of this approach lies in its treatment of the person and their specific patterns of imbalance rather than a disease with a particular name. This statement may sound like a cliche, but the longer I practice, the more deeply I realize how true it is.

When you come to see me, we'll first discuss how your current condition is affecting you, as well as your general health history. Then I'll look at the different ways that your body presents right now: the amount of energy in your voice, the color of your complexion, the shine in your eyes, your build or body type, the condition of your skin, the temperature of your hands and feet. I'll also look for other signs like spider veins, age spots, tremors, tension in the shoulders and tension in the voice. I'll examine your tongue for color, shape, thickness, for whether it's dry or wet and whether the coating on the tongue has a healthy look to it. I'll check your abdomen (a key feature of Kiiko Matsumoto Style acupuncture) for tension or laxity, for warmth or coldness, for pain and for pulsations. I'll also check the radial wrist pulse for strength, weakness and tension.

With this information, I'll determine how your body is functioning: where it's strong, where it lacks strength, where there are imbalances and where there are blockages. This will provide me with an idea of how to treat you so that your body can work more effectively again and you can begin to feel healthy and pain-free. 

Western medical conditions which I've treated successfully:

Musculoskeletal Conditions:
Low back injury & pain, including pain from degenerative discs
Neck injury & pain, including pain from degenerative discs
Shoulder injury & pain
Knee injury & pain
Ankle injury & pain
Foot injury & pain
Pain due to osteoarthritis
Pain due to fibromyalgia
Temporomandibular/jaw pain
Generalized body ache and pain

Cancer Support:
Nausea & vomiting due to chemotherapy
Lack of appetite due to chemotherapy
Fatigue due to chemo & radiation treatment

Pre- & Post-Surgical Conditions:
Pre-surgical pain & anxiety
Post-surgical pain & swelling
Post-surgical scar reduction
Post-surgical nausea & vomiting
Post-surgical constipation & bowel blockage

Emotional Conditions:
Panic attacks
Attention Deficit Disorder 

Women's Health Conditions:
Painful periods
Lack of bleeding
Heavy bleeding
Breakthrough bleeding
Fibrocystic breast disease
PMS, including headaches, bloating, breast pain and changes in mood
Acute & recurrent urinary tract infections 

Pregnancy Conditions:
Nausea & vomiting/Morning sickness
Sciatica & low back pain
Anxiety & depression
Post-partum fatigue, anxiety & depression

Peri- & Post-Menopausal Conditions:
Prolonged & heavy bleeding
Hot flashes & sweating
Emotional changes 

Men's Health Conditions:
Enlarged prostate
Difficulty urinating
Frequent urination
Scant urination
Erectile dysfunction

Digestive Conditions:
Bloating & gas
Acid reflux & heartburn
Crohn's Disease

Respiratory Conditions:
Colds & flu
Acute & chronic sinus infection
Nasal congestion & chronic runny nose

Cardiovascular Conditions:
Palpitations & arrhythmias
Headaches, including migraines
Chronic ringing in ears
Spider veins & varicosities

Immune System Condtions:
Support for people with auto-immune diseases
Lowered immunity & frequent illness
Chronic fatigue

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Conditions Treated - Rick DeTroye L.Ac. LLC in Northeast Portland, OR 

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As of Sunday, May 8, 2022 I am no longer accepting new patients.

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"Belated thank you for your most excellent care and treatment this year. I have been virtually pain free since I last saw you and attribute it to your skill and knowledge."
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