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MPT: Microcurrent Positional Tui Na

Microcurrent Positional Tui Na is an exciting, effective technique which treats a multitude of pain conditions. This method utilizes a hand held microcurrent device called the ETPS 1000/Dolphin Neurostim. Powered by a small battery, this device directs a very minute current of electricity into the painful area, causing muscles and soft tissue to relax, adhesions and scars to release, and blood flow in these tissues to increase. The ETPS 1000/Dolphin Neurostim, combined with body repositioning and gentle stretches, provides quick relief of joint and muscle pain and dramatic increases in range of motion.

When used in conjunction with acupuncture, MPT can provide treatment to a broader and deeper area of focus. When used alone, MPT is a great treatment alternative for those individuals who have a fear of or sensitivity to needles.

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MPT - Rick DeTroye L.Ac. LLC in Northeast Portland, OR 

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"Belated thank you for your most excellent care and treatment this year. I have been virtually pain free since I last saw you and attribute it to your skill and knowledge."
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