Out In The Landscape...

Nature is an amazing healer.  I grew up in the city, but loved the few chances I had to wander in the woods or go camping or take a dip in a spring-fed pond.  I had my first deep taste of Nature during the summer of 1976, on a week-long canoe trip to Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada.  I've been hooked ever since.  In my younger adult years, I backpacked, rock climbed, mountain biked, telemark skied and nordic skied - all as excuses to spend time on the land.  These days, my body no longer moves like it used to, so my adventures are a bit more subdued.  Instead you'll find me mostly hiking and birding, but always, ALWAYS in pursuit of Nature's mystery.  She's more healing now than she's ever been, maybe because we connect at a deeper level than we used to.  Maybe because I'm more in need of healing.  Maybe a little bit of both.

Here are photos of some of my favorite and most healing places.  I hope they bring you a flavor of what these landscapes offer…and a little bit of healing as well.


Out In The Landscape... - Rick DeTroye L.Ac. LLC in Northeast Portland, OR


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